The objective of business owners is profitability. The organization's success depends on employees' performance. Poor performance is detrimental to the company's success. It’s highly important to get a lot more applicants for any jobs, not just filling the positions, but also filling them with the best possible people.

Finding employees is hard, and getting harder all the time. Job Posting Software Company, Betterteam reported 68 percent of HR professionals report problems in filling positions this year, up from 50 percent in 2013.

In theory, building a team sounds pretty simple. Just post a few openings on job boards, skim through applications, and facilitate interviews. How difficult could it be? Well, as many entrepreneurs can attest, the hiring process is often more complicated and nuanced than that.

Understanding the recruitment process is a necessary skill for any successful manager. After all, the cost of a bad hire can be significant, in terms of time and money spent searching for a suitable candidate.

How to find and match the right people to the right jobs?

Minister of Labour Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri said that Indonesia still needs as many as 57 million skilled workers to support Indonesia to become the seventh economic center in the world by 2030. Labors in Indonesia are struggling to quality. According to Hanif, currently, mismatch and underqualified worker are two employment problems that need to be concerned of.

"This is why many college graduates are unemployed because they want to have a good position, good salary, but lack of competences," said Hanif.

Recruiting might seem straightforward, but it can quickly become complicated, especially when you consider the variables unique to each hiring situation. Highly skilled candidates with lots of experience, for example, are often in demand regardless of the economic climate. The unemployment rates for skilled positions are lower than the overall unemployment rate, and often significantly so. This means top candidates are hard to find, and those who are looking for work may find themselves with multiple job offers.

Successful employee recruitment requires more than just placing a job posting on LinkedIn. Finding and hiring the right people for your company requires diligent preparation, careful execution and a clear understanding of your hiring objectives.

Companies that select new employees from the candidates who walk in their door or answer an ad in the paper or online are missing the best candidates. They're usually working for someone else and they may not even be looking for a new position.

You need to invest time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters, and executive search firms. Keep watching the online job boards for potential candidates who may have resumes online even if they're not currently looking. It is common if you hire a person who has done this exact job, in this exact industry, in this particular business climate, from a company with a very similar culture”.

If you're hiring talent from a younger generation, you need to realize how important the work environment is to their motivation and happiness. The younger generation has a different set of values than the previous generation. Building a work environment that the millennial generation can thrive in, requires some adjustments to traditional office structures.

Also note, that a rewarding career is important to assure who they can grow into, at the company that gives them a chance. The right candidates will be motivated to grow, learn new skills, and tackle new challenges. They will want to learn, prove themselves, be rewarded, and grow. The wrong candidates are just looking for a job. If you can't help the right people see that you're the right company to take them there, they will probably take another offer.

By interviewing the candidates, you will get a chance to evaluate the talents. In other words, you can't evaluate them only by their resumes.

Start by identifying the most important traits you're looking for, and build a list of related questions. Find out how they will do with coachability, transparency, desire, organizational skills, and humility. If your best candidates have these personality traits, they will be fantastic in executing within their specialized job role.