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Whistleblowing & Ethics

Whistleblowing & Ethics Hotline

In the interest of committing to the highest standard of integrity, honesty, and accountability, Grant Thornton Indonesia provides support to our employees, as well as any other party in a business relationship with Grant Thornton Indonesia, by creating a safe and secure whistleblowing system to speak up in confidence and free from any threat regarding any possible corporate improprieties of concern.

Interested parties may make a report or disclosure if you have reasonable grounds to believe that any Grant Thornton Indonesia Partners and/or employees (both current and former employees acting as consultant) has engaged in reportable conduct regarding these areas of concern:

1. Disclosure of confidential information

Disclosing, transferring, copying, duplicating, using or publishing any confidential information or agreement in relation to any third party without prior written consent, except and only to the required extent according to laws and regulations.
Examples: Disclosing or exposing client information, duplicating or distributing firm databases, etc.

2. Financial irregularities

Any intentional misstatement or omission of information related to financial transactions, including misappropriation of assets and falsification of records/documents.
Examples: Incorrect recording of financial transactions, irregularities in the application of accounting standards, misleading reports.

3. Conflict of interest

The type of situation that is most directly associated with the principle of objectivity. All firm’s personnel are prohibited from compromising their professional or business judgment as a result of bias, a conflict of interest, or the undue influence of others, according to the applicable Code of Ethics.
Example: Inappropriate vendor/client relations, misuse of confidential information, insider trading, self-dealing.

4. Harassment or discrimination and bullying

The unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, age, disability, or those categories protected by local law, as well as deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, and/or social behavior that intends to cause physical, social, and/or psychological harm.
Example: Inappropriate language, intimidation, oppressive behavior.

5. Money laundering, fraud, and corruptions

Money laundering refers to the practice of disguising the origins of illegally obtained money. The money involved can be generated through any number of criminal acts, including drug dealing, corruption, and accounting, as well as other types of fraud and tax evasion.
Examples: Misappropriation of funds, false representation

6. Inducement including gift and hospitality

Situations, or actions, that are used as a means to influence another individual’s behavior, but not necessarily with the intent to improperly influence that individual’s behavior.
Example: Gifts, hospitality, entertainment, political or charitable donations, appeals to friendship and loyalty, employment or other commercial opportunities, preferential treatment, and rights or privileges.

7. Illegal or inappropriate behavior

Improper activities or criminal acts against the law acted upon in the interest of one’s unfair or unlawful gain.
Example: Theft, deception, bribery, the dealing or use of drugs

8. Violation of policy

Any unethical acts, including those that breach any of the Firm’s policies such as the Code of Conduct, as well as those that violate any laws and/or regulations.
Example: Violations of firm’s guidelines, non-disclosure agreements, hiring standards, safety, or Internet usage

9. Violence or threat

Violence refers to intentional, harmful and undesirable physical force and aggressive behavior to inflict evil, injury, or damage, including engaging in or threatening to engage in detrimental conduct against a person.
Example: Physical violence, retaliation

10. Others (If you feel that the definitions above do not describe the event, action or situation that you wish to report, please use this header).

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